How to Build an Educational App: 6 Essential Tips

Mobile apps are becoming more than just something to have fun with. You may have found that you can learn about many great things outside your field just by getting the right app. Now your teachers don’t have to ask you to put away your mobile phones to avoid distraction while you learn. Educational apps can be used to enhance learning and teacher-student interaction. This promotes instant feedback to the teacher on the learner’s progress.

Global Mobile learning market is predicted to hit about $37 billion by 2020 with a growth of around 36.3% annually. You can see how rapid and popular the industry is growing. If you are thinking of building a strong and efficient learning app for your school or educational institute, then the following tips will come handy…
Choose the Right Platform
You will be faced with choosing a cross-platform app, native Android, or IOS. This is the point to consider the preferences of your target audience first. According to a survey, a large percentage of students use either a smartphone or tablet of various screen sizes. If students are your target audience, use smartphones and tablets as the primary platforms for your educational app. Even though some teens don’t use smartphones, parents or teachers make provision for them when it comes to doing the school assignment.
Customization and Personalization
The preferences of educators and users are changing and you should foresee the trend if your app is to survive the competition in the industry. People now want an app that allows them to make certain changes according to their goals and needs. So, if you make your app impossible to adjust, you are certainly going to lose a good number of users. You can add extra features like a camera, instant messaging, and location tracking to encourage users to explore the world around them.
Add Analytics and Data Output
Since you are building an educational app, consider adding some type of analytics, such as chat trends, group and individual progress charts for both educators. Most teachers would like to monitor the performance of their students so they can identify weak and struggling students. However, your analytics should be such that teachers can easily understand and manipulate them.
App Development Cost
You can build an educational app for as long as you have the desire. However, the cost of building an efficient and interesting app will depend on the platform, product type, functionality, and regional salaries. The quality of your app depends on your choices and what you communicate to the app developing company you want to partner with.
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Provide Better Integration and Connectivity
Another point you need to consider is to enable better connectivity with educational products. Educators would want their mobile devices to have the capability to connect with student devices, both on a one-on-one basis and as a learning group. If you are partnering with an educational app development company, make sure you communicate your ideas very clearly. In addition, your app should connect smoothly with other software the institution is using at the time.
Include Virtual Reality
There are numerous opportunities in education technology nowadays, but you must keep in mind that effective learning takes place when students say and do at the same time. That is why introducing smartphone virtual reality is a good way to go. It makes learning more practical especially when both educators and students cannot get out into the actual environment. For instance, a lesson about the Roman Empire will be easier to learn with the use of virtual reality. It would look as though the students are in the actual setting in Rome.
Localize Your Language
If you plan to target a specific language group, it is important you localize your app. The education level of both teachers and students is a major point to put into consideration. Most users will feel comfortable using apps available in their local language. In fact, about 56% of users reveal that an app in their own language is most preferable. This shows how important their language is to them compared to your products and prices.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your app development idea.


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