How to Build an Educational App: 6 Essential Tips

Mobile apps are becoming more than just something to have fun with. You may have found that you can learn about many great things outside your field just by getting the right app. Now your teachers don’t have to ask you to put away your mobile phones to avoid distraction while you learn. Educational apps can be used to enhance learning and teacher-student interaction. This promotes instant feedback to the teacher on the learner’s progress.

Global Mobile learning market is predicted to hit about $37 billion by 2020 with a growth of around 36.3% annually. You can see how rapid and popular the industry is growing. If you are thinking of building a strong and efficient learning app for your school or educational institute, then the following tips will come handy… Choose the Right Platform You will be faced with choosing a cross-platform app, native Android, or IOS. This is the point to consider the preferences of your target audience first. According to a survey, a large percentage of stu…